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Here you can find some of the most common questions we get, along with the answers that have been able to help most of our customers.

I have forgotten my combination. Is there a master combination that can open my lock?

Unfortunately there is no way to open or reset your lock if the current combination is unknown. In the interest of security there is no master combination.

I am pretty sure I haven't changed the combination on the lock since I bought it, but I can't open it. What combination does my lock open to?

Try of the following factory-set default combinations to open your lock: BOLT, SPELL, PACK, SHED, TREE, GYMS, WORDS.

The lock is no longer working / the combination does not work / the lock is broken.

Unfortunately there is no way to open or reset the combination on your lock if the current combination is unknown. If you believe your lock is defective, please visit our Customer Service Page and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

I have the 5-dial padlock with the reset mechanism that slides down, but I can't set the lock to a new combination.

Be sure that the combination is aligned with the indicator line. Be sure to pull up on the shackle so that the lock is open before sliding the reset button down. The slide reset button will not slide down if the lock is not open. Follow the rest of the instructions (you can download a copy here.

I've lost the mounting bracket to my bike lock. Can you send me a new one?

Yes, we'd be happy to! Just send us an email at warranty@wordlock.com with the subject "Please send me a new bracket!" and your name and address in the body of the email.

My bike lock is open, but I don't know what the combination is. How can I figure out the combination?

Push the "key" with the notches into the barrel. Starting with the right-most dial, rotate through all 10 letters, while pushing the key into the barrel until the "key" moves in 1/4 of the way. Once the key moves in 1/4 of the way, you have figured out the letter on the right-most dial (it will be the letter on the dial that is aligned between the 2 notches). Do not rotate the dial away. Write the letter down on a piece of paper.

Continue by rotating the 2nd dial from the right through all 10 letters (just as you did with the previous dial), while pushing the key into the barrel. Once the key moves in again (another 1/4 of the way), you have figured out your next letter. Write the letter down on a piece of paper.

Do the same for the 3rd dial from the right and the final dial in that order, writing down the letters as you figure them out.

Note: This only works with RESETTABLE combination cable locks. This will not work for padlocks or for pre-set, non-resettable combination bike locks.

I have a 4 or 5-dial combination lock that was working, but it has now stopped functioning. It seems like the combination has been changed.

It is possible that your combination was set to be one letter off from your intended combination. Try the following: turn the dials to the combination that you set last set it to. Then, turn the right-most dial one letter at a time; at each letter, stop and try to open the lock. If this doesn't work, try the same procedure with each of the other dials and see if the lock opens.

I don’t remember how to set the combination. Where can I find a copy of the instruction manual?

Please visit our Customer Service Page. Here you can download a file with the instructions, default combination and a list of sample word combinations.

Where can I find a list of possible combinations?

Please visit our Customer Service Page. Here you can download a file with the instructions, default combination and a list of sample word combinations.

Can I get extra copies of my keys?

Yes, as long as you have at least one of your keys, bring it to the hardware store and they will be able to help you make a copy. If you have lost all of your keys, there is unfortunately no way for us to send you a copy for your specific lock.

I used your lock to secure my bike, but it was stolen. Does your warranty cover the loss of my bike?

We are sorry to hear that your bike was stolen! However, our warranty only covers our lock and mounting bracket. We will replace any WordLock (or mounting bracket) that malfunctions or is damaged in the course of normal use. We cannot replace and are not responsible for the stolen product. Our locks are built to strict standards (ASTM Test Standard F-833-10) and resist attacks. However, any lock on the market, regardless of brand or manufacturer, can be removed if the determined thief uses the appropriate tools. Our locks effectively prevent all but the most determined thief.

Please read through all the Questions and Answers above! If you have any further questions, please send us an email at support@wordlock.com.


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